Welcome to the world of TESY4

TESY4 proposes tailored solutions for the multiple needing of contamination-controlled areas. In such environments, its absolutely mandatory to minimize the introduction, generation and retention of air-transported particles in order to avoid contaminations with all the products that are manufactured or handled inside those specific areas.

Our attention is therefore focused on the following sectors: pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnological, food, hospital, research centers, and laboratories. But the same careful attention is also dedicated to sectors like microelectronic, nanotechnology, aerospace, optical industries, as well as any other type of environments where high quality standards are required.

TESY4 is proud to offer a large range of furniture, designed and manufactured according to GMP norms. The use of stainless steel grade AISI 304 or AISI 316 with scotch brite® (mat) finish or mirror bright finish can guarantee surfaces that are perfectly smooth and easy to frequently clean with detergents and disinfecting liquids, thus granting the highest hygiene level. Our particular care in details along with the maximized concepts of cleanliness and ergonomic efficiency assure that TESY4’s products can make easier all cleaning operations, and at the same time ensure that our items are ideal for positioning inside all classified areas up to complete sterile environments.

Specific air-control devices maintain the sterility level inside each clean room, but that’s not enough: specific precautions have to be adopted in checking entering/exiting personnel or in-coming/ out-going materials whenever a contamination-controlled area is involved. TESY4 offers solutions for personnel or materials suitable for all changing/ wardrobe rooms and also zones connecting classified areas.

Our expertise and our collaborations allow us to answer all ‘turn-key’ necessities regarding clean room and air-control installations, making our offer complete: starting from project, through execution, up to the final validation and post-sale services.

We are at your disposal in order to study your specific necessities and to propose you suitable solutions that can respond to your needs.

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